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aereation defuser and stone
Diffuser and stone to add oxygen to your dugout.
The best $100.- you will ever spend on your dugout!

blue pond dyeMakes your water appealing.
It is not for human consumption.

Pretty blue pond dye not only makes your water look appealing and it significantly reduces weed growth in your dugout
(It is like put in a pair of sunglasses on your dugout).

Pond dye MSD fact sheet: (technical bulletin)
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This system is a 12 volt and 24 volt water transfer system and it's used to aerate the Dugout as well as water the garden.



sales and repair front

We have a selection of pumps available in stock.

- Rotery vane
- Piston pumps
- Diaphram pumps.
- Wide range of parts.

We custom build diaphrams for new and old pumps.
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Dugout systems
Systems build to match the size and dept of your waterbody.
Both systems are good for dugouts for sizes up to 1,000,000 Gallons and a depth of 35ft (11m).
We custom build aeration systems to meet your needs, give us a call!

Black smelly water in Dugout (winter)

Possible causes: What to check for: How to correct (options):

Depletion of dissolved oxygen levels in dugout water (winter)


Dugout aereation equipment not installed or working properly
Snow cover on dugout reducing sunlight and oxygen produced by growing plants


Check and maintain dugout aereation equipment
Where feasible carefully clean snow cover from a portion of dugout surface


Black smelly water after Hone Treatment System only

Filter system fouled with organic material and organic sediments in pressure tank and / or hot water Clean or replace filter medium
Ensure adequate disinfection of water
Bottom dugout water entering from damaged intake pipe

Damaged intake pipe
Hire a diver to repair water intake pipe

Hire a diver to repair water intake pipe

Black smelly water in Dugout (summer)

Possible causes: What to check for: How to correct (options):

Depletion of dissolved oxygen levels in dugout water (summer)






Abundant algea and weed growth and decay
Cyanobacteria growth
Grass clipping appearance to water
Dark green slime floating or deposited along dugout banks
Dirty water after runoff and reduced water depths in dugout
Organic plant material deposited in dugout
Rewcycling of nutrients from dugout sediments causing increades algea growth
Water intake near dugout bottom
Deterioration of water quality in wet well

Contol algea and weed growth by employing control techniques
Replenish oxygen with dugout aereation system
Empty soil erosion techniques in watershed or watercourses, gated inlets, or two dugout systems
Clean dugout with excavation equipment and steepen all slopes to reduce and algal growth
Use screened culvert inlets and locate deciduous trees away from dugout.
Ensure dugout aereation is diffused at the dugout bottom
Use a perforated pipe or device to diffuse oxygen instead of open ended hose
Raise floated intake near surface
Clean out large-diameter wet wells or abandon in favour of small-diameter wet wells

Dirty Dugout Water

Possible causes: What to check for: How to correct (options):

Soil erosion of watershed and watercourses


Soil erosion
Recent runoff event
Suspended clay particles that will not settle

Employ soil erosion techniques and gated inlet
Use a two dugout system
Use coagulants in dugout to clear water
Erosion in dugout Soil erosion by wave action

Protect eroded dugout banks with erosion prevention materials like filter cloth, plastic or riprap
Install water treatment system including coagulants and sand filter

Muskrats, ducks, mud-puppies


Abundance of cattails and tunnels into dugout banks
Floating cattails

Control cattails and remove muskrats by trapping etc.

Contaminated runoff


Test water for bacteria, chemicals and pesticides

Control contaminants and / or cause from watershed
Divert any contaminated runoff around dugout
Install water treatment equipment
Human activity Swimming Eliminate swimming


Aeration Installation